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Increasing Mental and Physical Health Awareness in the Muslim and Non-Muslim Communities

A guest blog by Wali Abdul Hanifzai

On a weekly basis, mental and physical health workshops/seminars will be conducted and videotaped within the Muslim community via ShuraTV at no charge to the Muslim and Non-Muslim community. Through the use of surveys and based on the viewership via social media, and TV, data will be collected. The collected data would better inform the Shura TV of which programs are viewed more, liked more, and what topics the community recommends and wants to hear about.

Our goal is to engage with more Muslim and non-Muslim community members. By allowing them to take part in these elements, one will attend the mental and physical health workshops that will be held and recorded on a weekly basis. More Muslims and non-Muslims community members will watch Shura TV if they see there is a safe platform where they can share their ideas and thoughts with the greater audience. It is a way to bring awareness and support them in knowing that they are not alone and that people are struggling just like them on a day to day basis.

Some individuals may feel triggered in health/mental health workshops due to the nature of the sensitive topics. That is something we are and will be well aware of and will discuss disclaimers in the being of each session. We will have professionals on film sight to assist and require those watching on TV to please call the following number (714) 912-4843 for any further support free of charge encase you get triggered. At the same time, educating people and giving them the space they need to express, share and be themselves is our first priority.

This is not an easy task, it is a new platform where we are asking people to go digital. Start using technology because there are still lots of people in the world who lack the skill set in understanding technology. The world is changing and so should we in order to better serve our community at large.

Please see the following videos as our great start to ShuraTV and how we are tackling the situation in today's world. As many of us know, Coronavirus known as COVID-19 has caused a Pandemic all around the world. People are living life in fear and in uncertainty by losing their jobs, unable to buy access resources, seniors are homebound. We at ShuraTV have started our work already and to see the work in action, please see the following links.

1) Discussing Anxiety and COVID-19 (3/16/2020)

2) Wali Abdul Hanifzai Talking to Olivers (Seniors)

I hope you guys enjoy it. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.

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